Hydramec design and manufacture offshore container systems, we are able to supply containers in almost any format; for example, containerised ROV Cabins, offices and workshops. All based on a 20ft ISO shipping container dimensions fully Lloyds/DNV/BV built and fully DAD approved to 2.71/BS12079 as required.

The containers can be built in a 60/40 configuration or bespoke if required,allowing a more flexible approach to your office workshop designs, or to suit your requirements. Gantry’slifting beams and deployments systems have all been approved, fitted and tested.

Containers are manufactured to a very high standard and are available with built in deployment systems, A60 Lined and fire rated with damping systems, zone 2 compliance, benches, computer racking, windows, doors, escape hatches, laboratory systems, stainless benches plus more.

Hydramec have also designed containerised LARS systems.