A-Frame LARS

Hydramec are a well-known market in the production of portable A-Frame Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) with over 160 systems currently working offshore. Hydramec systems use a standard range of components developed with our 30 years of experience in the market. All components are stocked to reduce lead-times and are suited for long term ship/rig board operation, working in the most hostile and demanding offshore environments.

A-Frame LARS are used where additional control of the load is desirable on-board ships, especially with the addition of our multi-function snubber. Built for free swimming or TMS applications, shallow water or up to 6km plus water depth and are designed and approved to either Lloyds BS EN 12079 or DNVGL and BV for offshore sea transfer.

A-Frame LARS are operationally Lloyds approved under lifting in a marine environment. Hydramec offers over 20 pre-existing DAD approved standard single lift designs; the most popular being a skid based around 20ft container footprint with multi options for cable capacity and SWL designed around vehicle weight and cable size.

Options can include AHC (Active Heave Compensation), telescoping A-Frame, Snubber c/w, bullet latch, bullets, Air blast/Sea Water Coolers, Tank Heaters, Push/Pull System to aid vehicle removal from TMS without manual handling, Sheave Wheels and complete spares packages to suit customer needs. Any other options that you need designed can be discussed and quoted.

Our products range from 0.5t SWL, for more mobile work, up to 30T line pull. We can, however, offer variations to meet any client requirements. We always have a fully welded 20ft LARS base welded and completed in stock along with our most popular winch drum sizes; meaning we can offer you a 20ft ISO LARS in as little as 7 weeks in any colour you require.