Founded in early 1990 by Peter Church, Hydramec now employs a skilled workforce of 50 staff including Hydraulic/Mechanical engineers, Fabricators/Welders and Precision Machinists at our fully equipped workshops, based in Great Yarmouth.

The company started out repairing and maintaining a large variety or ship’s deck equipment and refurbishing ROV LARS. In 1996, we started building the first Hydramec LARS from scratch and re-evaluating what would be most important to the customer. Since then, LARS have become a core business, with a strong focus on customer service and backup.

The well-established, family owned business was taken over by Danny Church in 2013 after Peter and Audrey Church retired. Having worked in the company since 1992 his vision was to make Hydramec an industry leader in marine handling systems. The company is ever expanding, moving to a 36,000-foot premises in 2014 more than doubling the space in which Hydramec first started.

CAP Fabrications was taken over by Hydramec in 2016 Founded in 1986 by Dave Cunningham and Steve Perry- their surnames providing the name for the company Cunningham and Perry. Providing an alternative to other fabrication companies in the town with a turnkey solution for fabrication. CAP Fabrications Ltd proud to have provided a high quality, professional service to the petrochemical, energy and allied industries for nearly 30 years. It was with great sorrow that Steve passed away in 2010. His larger than life personality left a massive hole in the company but his ability of personally hand picking his workforce paid dividends by allowing the company to continue through this difficult period. The legacy that Steve left has been taken up by a long standing professional and loyal workforce a large majority are still working for CAP and that they are committed to maintaining his policy of offering a high-quality products with exceptional backup that is underpinned by the principles of honesty and integrity that Steve encouraged. CAP has now become a division of Hydramec being a very important part of the company and we are now able to offer offshore coatings using their onsite facility and a complete solution for your fabrication project.

The future for Hydramec is further expansion into new markets including military and defence as well as renewable energy.

MD Message: “I am very proud of this company’s achievements and its ability to learn and adapt to the ever-changing market and to focus on client expectations, making sure that their every requirement is met.”